About Us

eXodus eSports are a group of developers, casters, writers, media creators, and more importantly, players. We love being part of the Planetary Annihilation community and wanted a place that showcased all the great events the community put on and made it easy to host more.

We’re working to create an infrastructure that supports whatever event anyone wants to host and present it in an organised and professional manner. We want to help make this great community greater still, with easy access to content such as match casts and guides on anything from the user interface, to improving your game.


  • Early 2014 – Shaping the idea of an eSports organization
  • March 2014 – ZaphodX, Martenus and TheSambasti founded eXodus eSports
  • April 2014 – Proeleert, Tripax and Bsport join the team
  • 12th April 2014 – Official launch of eXodus eSports
  • May 2014 – Quitch and Captain Conundrum join the team
  • August 2014 – Pizzalover3000 joins the team
  • September 2014 – WPMarshall joins the team
  • October 2014 – TotalAnnihilation joins the team and Clan Wars season one commences
  • November 2014 – OtterFamily joins the team
  • March 2015 – mikeyh joins the team
  • April 2016 – Andreas G joins the team

About Our Vision

We envision eXodus eSports as the number one competitive portal for Planetary Annihilation. This means creating and curating the best possible content, hosting and broadcasting the highest quality tournaments, and building and supporting the friendliest possible esports community. No matter where in the world you are, we aim to provide a platform on which the Planetary Annihilation esports community can grow and flourish. Some specific things we intend to do:

  • Provide guides, tips, and tricks, strategy and analysis, so no matter whether you’re new to the game or a veteran, we’ve got ways to help you improve.
  • Host and broadcast a wide range of events, be they invitationals showcasing the best the game has to offer, or open to all.
  • Support the community in hosting new and exciting events.

Working With Us

If you have an event you’d like to put on but need help with player sign-up, brackets, advertising and casting, we’re here to help you. Get in touch with us through our contact page to discuss.

eXodus Team


Tournament Infrastructure

Modder, Web Developer, connoisseur of fine Belgian beers, some might claim he is a slave driver as well.

Has been known to use other players as shields during games of Planetary Annihilation.



Tournament Admin

A very active community member, creator of many epic maps that have been featured heavily in tournaments.

Competes with Bsport for best writer in eXodus.


Lead Web Developer

Web developer by day, Batman eXodus lead developer by night. Speaks CSS3, HTML, PHP, JS and a little English. Knew his dreams of being a journalist were shattered when he realised he couldn’t spell good.

Current hobbies include learning to play the banjo and drinking. Often together.

Also has a budgie called Joey. No joke. Especially when he steals his drink.




A man of a thousand voices, known for his calm demeanor, winning smile and heavy, heavy drinking. Yeah, you looking at me mate? Come on then! COME ON!

Led the Revolt of the Ant. Seen storming the Uber stronghold at PAX in 2014 to do battle with the Scathis. He doesn’t like to talk about it.

Team Genesis

“Genesis isn’t really a formal thing. It’s just a hangout spot for mappers in a place where eXodus can yell at them until we get tourney maps.” – Captain Conundrum



Map maker and effect wizard. When you need that perfect competitive map made.



Media Developer

Wait, what?!



If Zaphod is the ying, then TheSambasti is the yang. The American yang.


Media Developer

Loves pizza very much! A true sensi of the game; when not creating arguments within the team through his art, he’s making sage video lessons for mere mortals.

Spawned into this world like a mother elephant giving birth to her baby.



Thug by day, caster by night. Not much is known other than he has a collection of vintage poker chips and an endless supply of apples he eats only when on voice chat.


Planet Architect

Planetary Architect Master. Rumor has it that to generate an acceptable planet for a tournament, a pentagram, some pants (Y-Fronts preferred) and a goldfish are required. In which order and for what purpose is a closely guarded secret.

Team Genesis Co-Founder and Co-Lead.

Holder of the avatar of much Quitch envy

total annihilation

Planet Architect

The Brazilian lion; loves his math to produce works of art among the stars. If it isn’t a Fibonacci prime he doesn’t allow it to dirty his system.

Often seen chanting with Tripax as they beg for the favour of the spawn zone gods.

One of the heads of Team Genesis


Media Developer

Too new for witty descriptions, he beat Captain in 3 minutes 11 seconds and that’s all it took for Quitch to love him forever.

He later beat Quitch on Duat. They don’t speak anymore.

Captain Conundrum

Planet Architect & Analyst

Co-founder of King of the Planet and one of the heads of Team Genesis.

Best looking Planetary Annihilation player in the world as well as a professional fighter pilot. Totally clueless when presented with 3 sub-commanders, 10 Pelicans and way too much eco.


Web Developer

A man of vast talents, creating Faster Server Browser and palobby.com, some of his work has even been integrated into the game to make it better.

But now comes his greatest challenge: keeping up with BSport’s drinking.


Director of Tournaments

If you need some words, see Quitch. Rumor has it by the age of 3 could recite the English dictionary. Has been know to make an alphanumeric filing system seem unorganised.

Well known for finding bugs and writing tickets, much to the web team’s disgust.

Co-founder of King of the Planet.